Software As A Service | Exitra

Under our MyCloud platform, we deliver comprehensive range of enterprise level cloud solutions business applications and services to clients. Our continuous engagement in inovative development enables us to provide MyCloud business applications at Low Cost, Low Risk with Maximized Performance for our clients.

Point of Sales (POS) System (MycPOS)

provide clients having multiple outlets with real-time sales and related data enabling instanteneous business performance analysis to be done on any outlet or the entire business.

Human Resource (HR) System (MycHR)

is a comprehensive human resource information system that enables our clinets' HR functions to be available 24 / 7 to employees and managers regardless of their location.

Payroll System (MycPayroll)

provides our clients with a centralized online payroll system that ensures smooth processing of their payrolls in a timely, efficient and effective manner that is especially suitable for clients with multiple outlets or many business locations.

Accounting System (MycAccounting)

is an accounting that caters to our clients' diverse accounting needs, providing our clients with a centralized accounting system that is always available and kept up-to-date with lower operating costs.

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